University Stationery Essential Checklist

University Stationery Essential Checklist

Checklist Of Everything You Need To Start University

 Starting university can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With so many new things to learn and experiences to have, it can be easy to forget the basics. To ensure you have everything you need to make your studies stress-free, here is a checklist of essential stationery supplies you should have before you begin your university journey. The following checklist will help you stay organised and make sure you are always prepared for your classes.



• Pencil Case

• Pens & Pencils

• Highlighters

• Ruler

• Sharpener & Eraser

• Stapler & Paper Clips

• Scissors

• Sticky Notes

• Memo & Index Tabs

• Document Folders

• A4 or A5 Notebooks 

Now when it comes to choosing your stationery supplies, you may want to express your personality with something that reflects your individual style, putting your own stamp on your notes and assignments.
Below are some of my favourite supplies so you can express your own personality and style whilst making studying and writing so much more fun.


I’m telling you this is the Mary Poppins bag Pencil Case! Absolutely everything will fit inside it, deep customisable barrel with separate pen loops attached, long zipper compartment with deep pocket on the front to organise everything into sections

 Pocket Pencil Case - £13.00



As pens are so quick to go missing I would always recommend buying in sets and these ones in particular are so smooth and beautiful to write with, comes in a set of 5 black ink gel pens with 4 different pastel coloured shades to choose from 

Macaron Del Pen Set - £7.50



Now coloured Gel Pens may not be at the top of your list but because of their huge variety of colours they're actually amazing when it comes to colour coordination, allowing you to add that personal touch to your work and these sets will definitely be the happiest gel pens you'll ever have! 

 Coloured Ink Gel Pen Set - £10



Far from the bright florescent highlighters you're used to as these sets are slightly muted, meaning they won't overpower your notes and still allowing a little subtle splash of colour, definitely one for the boujee aesthetic girlies

 Muted Highlighter Set - £8.00



A well known and needed staple in your pencil case just a little bit cuter, a kawaii twist on your everyday 30cm foldable rulers, with added extras such as built in stencils on one side and a choice of ribbed and straight edges to suit your needs

Folding Kawaii Stencil 30cm Ruler - £2.50



I will be forever obsessed with these scissors! They're so cute and miniature that no one will even know they're scissors, they're also really great if you've got limited room in your pencil case as they take up no space at all

Cat Paw Scissors - £4.50



Transparent sticky notes are an absolute god send! Especially if you're planning to re sell those expensive text books once you've finished. Because they're translucent you can place them over text and take notes without damaging the paper knowing your pages are protected... GAME CHANGER

transparent sticky notes

Coloured Transparent Sticky Notes - £2.99



I have a whole section full of my favourite school supplies that you can shop for right here

Or, if you're searching for more inspiration, make sure to check out my socials for daily tips & tricks

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