About us

Hey, I'm Kerry and I'm a stationery addict!
It all started in 2018 whilst putting together a few back to school supplies that matched each of my children's personalities, the idea was born after lots of my childrens classmates asked me to make more, so a Facebook page was made and a stall was requested at the upcoming summer fete. I had no idea at the time that 6 months later I would be quitting my nursery job and selling worldwide on Etsy! 

The turning point came when I incorporated journal supplies to my little shop and sales boomed! Being a part of such an incredibly talented community spurred me on to take the plunge and create Scribblet Stationery’s website. Since then i've worked with so many amazing creators and branched out to all corners of the world and now supplying your favourite stationery items from places such as New York, Japan & Korea.
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My aim is to inspire your craft even further and hope to see you along the way, the ever expanding community can be followed at @scribbletstationery where I post behind the scenes on this whole journey.
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